The iPhone of the future will have even more cameras and less notch

The year is not yet over and therefore there are still many months left until the date to get to know the future iPhone 12 or iPhone 2020 is approaching. However, the leaks that have happened in recent months already allow us to create a very complete picture of what awaits us.

Unlike the rest of the manufacturers, Apple usually moves safely and meditates long and hard until the slightest change in the design of their mobiles. That is why changes are expected in the next iPhone, but not enough to not recognize the iPhone 11 on it.

Phone Arena has compiled the most relevant rumors and leaks in recent months and has built a series of renders with what would be the new design. The difference is in the details and the apple company is known for taking care of the details like nobody else.

One of the main changes that reflect that we would be facing a new stage in the history of the iPhone is the edges. The tech giant made rounded edges fashionable for a better grip, a system that other companies already use, but lately, Apple is moving away from them. Proof of this would be the new iPad Pro or the MacBook.

There has also been the talk of the possible disappearance of the notch, although it seems that we will still have to wait several more years. From Phone Arena, they bet that Apple will continue to use this element to house the camera and front sensors, although they will look for a way to reduce its size and get rid of that rectangular shape that the iPhone 11 has.

But what catches the attention of these renders is the camera set. In addition to the three lenses they have presented this year, they would include a fourth element, a TOF (Time of Flight) sensor, just as other brands are doing. This would allow the mobile to make a mapping of the 3D scene of up to 4 meters and that would boost the functions and applications of augmented reality.

However, these types of sensors are not as large as the cameras, so Phone Arena recognizes that the symmetry of the square they have designed in the renderings may not be met.

In addition to these developments, other leaks and rumors have pointed to the arrival of 5G technology, as well as the exchange of the Lightning port for the USB-C used by other Android phones.

As 2020 progresses, more details will be known and others will be denied until it is definitively known if the next iPhone is more disruptive than the iPhone 11.

Grace Villareal cleansing gel to keep skin perfect when traveling

It is a classic of the cosmetic industry that provides a soft and deep cleaning, suitable for all skin types

Providing your skin with proper care is even more difficult when you travel and you have to choose the products you put in the suitcase. Grace Villareal knows it well and in her bag, there is no lack of an essential product for her nighttime routine when she is away from home. Because you have to maximize space by choosing trusted products that may not be as specific as those we usually use, but that takes care of our skin without complicating life with transport.

The influencer shared with her Instagram followers her nocturnal facial routine when she is traveling, with Cetaphil cleansing gel as the main protagonist. Grace Villareal highlighted the softness of the product and recommended facial cleansing with soap before bedtime. “Although I am very tired I end up using micellar water,” he acknowledged in his stories.

The American brand has been manufacturing products related to skincare for more than half a century, with cleansing lotions, moisturizers, and gels. All are formulated with high tolerance ingredients for all skin types and have moisturizing properties.

In the case of cleansing soap, it is a mild formula without soap, which is responsible for cleaning our skin without irritating it. Thus it does not strip the skin of its natural protective oils while moisturizing without leaving residues that can clog pores. Its softness makes it one of the cleaners most recommended by dermatologists for those who have delicate skin or for babies.

Amazon is one of the best-valued cleansers, and users highlight its soft perfume and its effectiveness, without drying out the skin and even soothing it. Users with dermatitis, rosacea or excess oil on the skin also have a good opinion of the product.


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