Mi LED TV 4S 43 “, the Xiaomi 4K TV that you can already buy for € 349

Xiaomi TVs have landed in Spain. On this occasion we are going to talk about the  Mi LED TV 4S 43 “, the 43-inch Smart TV 4K  that stands out for offering interesting features and at the most adjusted price. We will review its features.

Since the Asian company announced that its televisions were going to arrive in our country, Xiaomi TVs have caused great expectations among consumers. And it is not for less since the brand offers us offers such as this 43-inch Smart TV 4K, which can be purchased for only € 349.

The Xiaomi TV line that has arrived in Spain consists of three models with diagonals for all rooms, Android TV and resolution up to 4K. Today we are going to focus on the Mi LED TV 4S 43 “, a television that has a lot to offer.

This Smart TV can boast high definition image quality. It has 4K resolution and support for HDR, which together with its graphics engine allows you to offer realistic scenes, with a great level of detail and smooth movement without blurring.

The Asian brand has also not neglected the audio quality. This Xiaomi TV is equipped with two 8W stereo speakers and dual Dolby Audio and DTS decoding to provide clear and crisp surround sound.

The operating system of this TV is Android TV and has the Google Assistant integrated for intelligent voice control. Also, it has official approval from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which guarantees that the contents of these platforms are reproduced with high quality.

The price of the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 43 ” is € 349. If you are looking for a larger TV you can keep the 55-inch model that costs € 448. In case you want it smaller and with more measured features, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 ” for € 179.

The world’s smallest supercomputer for artificial intelligence is not the size you would expect

Nvidia has presented what they consider the world’s smallest supercomputer for artificial intelligence, a step forward to show that technology does not get along with small proportions.

Technology has advanced so much that we can even have a machine capable of executing neural networks and artificial intelligence in the palm of our hands.

On the occasion of the Nvidia GTC conference in Washington, the miniature supercomputer named Jetson Xavier NX has been introduced, which surprises with its high performance that is not at odds with a price as ridiculous as $ 399.

The first thing that attracts attention is its size since it measures only 70 × 45mm, which does not take it too far from a Raspberry Pi 4. Thanks to this mini-board, integrated computing robotics companies and the ability to offer server-class performance, and all under a 10 W consumption, will be provided.

And is that the characteristics of the Jetson Xavier NX include a performance that can reach 21 TOPS in workloads related to artificial intelligence. This is thanks to its 6-core ARM processor, which has 6MB of level two memory and another 4MB of level three memory. This means that Jetson Xavier NX has 384 Nvidia CUDA cores and 48 Tensor cores.

The company, in its presentation, has stated that Jetson Xavier NX is made ” for devices that require a lot of performance and are limited by size, weight, energy budgets or cost .” In this way, they direct it to the business environment, specifically to “ commercial robots, drones, high-resolution factory sensors, portable medical devices and industrial systems of the Internet of Things ”.

 Also, it is also compatible with the company’s JetPack software development kit that is capable of providing a complete stack of artificial intelligence software.

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