How to make money through your Blogs- 5 proven ways

Planning to start a blog? And also, fancying to earn a living through it. Well, it’s not something like herding cats. Blogs of texts blended with a series of images, do posses some superpowers to give you a good lump sum amount by the month end.

Blog and earn

 But how to monetize your account and get that superpower activated? So, here is a framework for you to follow, to turn that fancy living to reality.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you would like to create some passive income streams, through blogging, affiliate marketing will work the best for you.

To put it simply, affiliate income is when you link a product on your blog, and people while reading it, goes on to that link and ends up buying that product, you earn a commission on that. Pretty simple, right?

Networks such as Clickbank and JVZoo links you up for affiliate programs. They are granddaddies actually!

2. Freelance Blogger

If you’re well versed with blogging, then you can become an on-demand freelance blogger. Brands are desperately looking for bloggers who can actually work for them.

Now, are you aware of the difference between a freelance writer and a freelance blogger? Well, a freelance writer is a professional who writes articles on different topics for sites. While a freelance blogger is one, who has all the knowledge of spurring the audience of a particular blog by providing them creative content.

A professional freelance blogger is one, who has all the knowledge of SEO, social media and WordPress. So, if you think you can add these qualities to your writing then you’re ready to be a freelance blogger.

3. A virtual summit

No matter how well settled you’re as a blogger, you can still launch virtual summit and monetize your blog. Virtual summit is the new hype since the whole country is in lockdown people are eager to learn, know and grow.

online summit

You can have summits to strengthen your relationship with influencers. They can bring you reach, credibility, and create traffic on your blogs.
Make sure you choose a topic to inspire people to action and don’t forget to have a product that you can sell it by the end. So that you can earn from it.

4. AdSense

Advertising can actually end up being a healthy revenue stream for your blogs. Advertisers are eager to reach your audience and in return, you’ll be paid.

Now, there are two ways to do so. Firstly, the direct deal. You can provide advertising space to businesses that want to appear alongside your write ups. In that way they can reach to your audience, and they will be profited while you are going to be paid for providing the space on your content. Secondly, if you think you need help regarding this, you can use an add network. Such as Google AdSense to sell your add space on your behalf.

This can help you to earn a great deal of money. For example, if your blog is about food, and you’ve posted about Indian spices. Then it is more likely that AdSense will show you add regarding Indian spices.

5. Coaching

If your blog is about imparting knowledge, it’s something to be learned about. Just say, it’s about DIYs or about blog trafficking else anything that could make people learn, you can lend up training services through your blog.

online classes

But for this you need an engaged audience to your blogs. Since it is going to be an online curriculum, it will require certain time and resources to proceed. Well, it’s not just the only option you’ve. You can also give live video coaching and get paid for your time. This can also add a nice buck at your revenue. Nothing can give you overnight results, so don’t get impatient. One need to be creative enough to get your audience stuck to your blogs because earning a revenue through coaching is a bit tedious job. Honestly, you may end up with bare bone tests for the first time, but you can actually earn the most through a coaching.

The bottom line is about earning a revenue through blogging.

Only if you give your hundred percent. One needs to hustle, practice, study and put in a lot of hard work to get there. If you actually love writing, I don’t think there is something better than being a blogger.

Blogging is not an easy job. It requires patience. One may earn nothing for a month or two, even for a year sometimes in the beginning. But once you start earning through it, there’s no stop for sure. It happens to be the best job for a writer.

Everyone can earn money through a blog, and there are thousands of ways flooded on the internet. These five, works the best for most of the bloggers. Try these out and tell us what worked for you!


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