Google wants to sneak into your home: your Home Mini speakers come back down

The Smart Home is here and has come to stay, partly because it is already cheaper than ever not only to fill your home with light bulbs and sockets with WiFi but because the price of smart speakers has also plummeted lately.

The offers to get the Amazon Echo Dot below € 30 are joined more and more often by the offers in the Google Home Mini, the cheapest smart speaker from Google, which is again on sale for only 29 € 90 at FNAC.

It is a promotion that is only available to FNAC members, although today you can register for only € 2. The subscription includes several advantages, mainly free shipping over the next two years, so it compensates.

This Home Mini is available in its three colors at the same price of € 29.90. Of course, everyone comes with Google Assistant, the main virtual assistant today with permission from Amazon Alexa.

  • Google Home Mini for € 29.90 in chalk
  • Google Home Mini for € 29.90 in carbon color
  • Google Home Mini for € 29.90 in coral color (shipping in two weeks)

All of them are available for home delivery or store pickup. During the purchase process you can choose which delivery method you want, although if you have an FNAC nearby, the second one is certainly more comfortable and maybe even faster.

With it, you can schedule tasks, reminders or check information such as weather or traffic, although to connect to Google Assistant the smart devices you will need at least a standard Google Home.

The same goes for the Amazon ecosystem. The Echo Dot is the cheapest smart speaker with Alexa, but it doesn’t allow you to add smart plugs or WiFi bulbs unless you have the Echo Plus.

What is clear with these aggressive price reductions is that the war of the speakers is not going to cool soon. The two main brands that have opted for this sector do not stop launching new models and lowering prices more and more, a way to make users bet on their ecosystem.

The best example is that if you buy a Google Home Mini now that they are on sale at FNAC, it would not make much sense to buy an Amazon Echo, thus becoming a Google ecosystem user for the next few years, hence the versions ” Mini “of both speakers are so economical.

Fortunately for everyone, both smart plugs and WiFi bulbs are usually compatible with both virtual assistants, so you don’t have to worry about choosing between one and the other beyond minor details.

Maria Fernandez-Rubies’ solution to stop hair loss in autumn

Among the many treatments for hair loss in autumn, María Fernández-Rubíes has chosen that of the blisters, which helps reinforce the hair in autumn, one of the times of the year when she is weaker.

You see them everywhere: in the pillow, in the shower, in the brush … your hair is more muted and falls more than usual but don’t panic! To renew the hair, we go through different phases of hair loss that happens, according to experts, both in spring and autumn.

Although there are many more factors for this to occur even more quickly and aggressively. If so, consult the dermatologist for more specific hair treatment. If not, it is as simple as following some of the steps to prevent hair loss or use hair loss and restorative products such as blisters that María Fernández-Rubíes has introduced in her routine.

“I do not know if it also happens to you that sometimes according to the time of the year you lose your hair more … well, to try to remedy it / solution I am testing the new range ‘prevention fall’ with bamboo and antioxidants”, comments the influencer on Instagram.

María has opted for Pantene’s Repara & Protege ampoules range to get a shiny and soft hair. Also, they not only help prevent their loss but at the same time, you will be repairing them from damage caused by chemicals, harmful environmental factors or by exposing them to excessive heat tools.

You can use it at most twice a week as long as your hair needs it. Apply it on freshly washed hair and let the product act for a minute. Finally, rinse with plenty of warm water. Get them!

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