Yummy and super good Semiya Payasam Recipe

Semiya Payasam Recipe Preparation

I have shown the yummy and tasty semiya payasam recipe with delicious taste.


  • Semiya/Little worms, milk(1ltr)
  • Sugar(150grms), 
  • Cardamom(3 to 5), 
  • Ghee(100ml) and 
  • Dry fruits (includes Kaju, Badham, and Raisins/kiss miss)

Dry fruits for sweet recipes


Take a bowl, light up the stove, and keep the bowl on it. Now pour 1 Ltr of milk into the bowl and let it boil for 5 to 10 mins. Meanwhile, take another pan and add ghee and fry dry fruits. Once they turn to a light brownish color, then take them out of the pan and add in another small bowl and keep it aside. Now in the same pan, add 3 to 4 tbsp of ghee and add semiya and fry it for 10 to 15 mins on a very low flame. Once the semiya turns to a light brownish color take it out of the pan and add in a separate bowl.

Fried semiya in ghee to add in milk

By the time, milk will get completely boiled, in this boiling milk add sugar and fried semiya and stir well. After 10 mins add powdered cardamom, by adding this it completely enhances the flavor of sweets, and cardamom is the most important ingredient preferred while preparing any sweet recipe. By now semiya payasam gets ready and now add fried dry fruits on top of it and pour 2 tbsp ghee for completeness. 

Now the yummy and delicious semiya payasam is ready to enjoy the taste and feast your taste buds 😋.

I hope you liked the recipe procedure.

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Yummy and delicious semiya payasam recipe made with ghee and dry fruits

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