Reduces the risks of being overweight and obese

The overweight and obesity affect more than 50% of the Spanish population adult and 30% of children and youth of our country. These two alterations in body weight can generate health problems in the medium and long term that cause a decrease in our quality of life such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases … If you are not in your weight, it is time to eliminate those extra kilos To reduce the risks.

What is overweight?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), both overweight and obesity are excessive accumulation of fat that can be harmful to health. In 2014 almost 2000 million people in the world were overweight and 600 million obese. The problem is that the numbers continue to increase over time.

I have an overweight?

If you want to find out if you have an adequate weight you can calculate it in a very simple way thanks to the Body Mass Index (BMI). Divide your weight by the square of your height. If the result is greater than 25 it means that you suffer from overweight and if you exceed 30 you suffer from obesity.

Why do the numbers increase?

Year after year, the number of people suffering from weight disorders increase. This is due to an unbalanced diet, with an excess of fats and proteins and deficiencies in carbohydrates and essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In Spain, we are increasingly moving away from the ‘Mediterranean diet’, eating products that do not provide us with the nutrients we need.

Little physical activity

To an unhealthy diet, we must add the little time we spend on physical exercise daily. We are much more sedentary than 50 years ago since we walk less and during our leisure time, we choose activities such as watching television or playing with the computer rather than exercising.

How do we fight it?

Do you want to stay within a proper weight? It is easier than you think.

– Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables daily: you must take up to 5 pieces during the day. Share them at all meals. Half of your plate should be made up of this type of food.

– Eliminate from your daily diet foods with lots of sugars and fats and with little vitamin and mineral content. The ultra-processed are largely responsible for the epidemic of overweight and obesity today.

– Spend at least 150 minutes a week doing the physical activity of moderate intensity. In the case of children and young people, one hour of exercise per day is essential. If you can, alternate strength exercises with aerobic exercises. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the great enemies to beat.

– Adjusts caloric intake to expenditure and manages to be in a caloric deficit. That is, to lose weight you have to take fewer calories than we spend and you have to do it by eating healthy foods. It is essential to cook at home and bet on combining in each meal foods of all groups in the correct proportions. According to the WHO, 50 – 60% of the dish must be composed of carbohydrate complexes, that is, fruit, vegetables, whole grains …; 12 – 18% should be high-protein foods, especially it is recommended to bet on legumes, fish and lean meats, cooked on the grill, baked or steamed and 20 – 35% must be good quality fat, derived from oil Olive, nuts, avocado, blue fish … And choose the right portions. The Harvard dish can be a good way to guide yourself to set up the dish.

If you plan your menu with three main meals and two pecks between meals, you may have less temptation to peck insane things during the day.

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