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Indian Recipes for a healthy lifestyle

When we say Indian food, what are those first words which come to your mind? Spicy, oily, fatty, and creamy.
Well let me tell you, Indian food is being misunderstood by most of us. It’s includes an array of healthy spices. But during this lockdown, we find ourselves spending more time at our kitchen than expected; making our healthy eating habits go topsy-turvy.
Find out which Indian dish will help to cut down that extra kilos you’re struggling for. Also, tantalizing your taste buds to the core.

Sambar Dal

A healthy stew with loads of pulses and veggies. Sāmbhar is a good balance of protein, zinc, fiber and folic acid. It help in boosting the immune system also plain sailing the digestion. If you’re on a weight loss journey, along with healthy eating habits, sāmbhar should be your accompaniment. The rich antioxidants facilitate the body to lose weight, and detoxification.

Slip on some sambar Dal with idli or lemon rice to make a complete meal!



A few spoons of natural yogurt blended with some spices and water can refresh you to the core. Despite the fact that its name being, “buttermilk”, here we neither use butter nor milk. It is just a derivation of butter mixing process.

Buttermilk is a complete pack of nutrients. It has proteins, carbs, minimal lipids, vitamins and essential enzymes for the body. Also, it has the tendency to wash down the spicy food while soothing lining of the stomach. If one is suffering from dehydration, buttermilk is a great option. You’ll find a unique recipe of buttermilk in every Indian household. Some may add curry leaves, ginger or cumin to enhance the taste as well the benefits.


Kesari Sabudana khichdi

A light wholesome meal to relish on a Sunday afternoon. Khichdi being the staple diet of many Indian households, kesari Sabudana khichdi turned out to be something new for many. Made with a satiating combination of Kesar and Sabudana. Here, clean and soaked sabudana is combined with sugar, salt, crushed, and roasted peanuts along with a pool of spices, with translucent shallow fried potatoes make it one of the luscious satisfying meal one can ever have! While the saffron is added in the end, giving it a beautiful color.

When we mention saffron, it alone has hundreds of health benefits. From treating cold to protecting against cancer, Saffron has proved to be a gem out of all spices. Also, khichdi being an Indian version of culinary comfort, it is known as pongal in Tamil Nadu, Huggi in Karnataka, and Pulagam in Andhra. While in North India, people call it khichdi.


maharastrian kanda poha
If you’re in a dilemma of having something healthy, yet a quick recipe, poha is the one.
Poha is a traditional Indian breakfast. Though it is unglamorous, poha is not only enriched with carbohydrates, but also provides enough energy and iron. While keeping the gluten level low.

A cup of poha (or beatened rice) almost comprises 46.3 gm of carbohydrates. One serving is quite enough for an empty tummy. What’s even exciting is, it can be cooked in different ways, according to your taste buds. You can have veggies, spices else nuts, anything of your choice. To keep your tummy fully fortified, try having poha with a bowl of curd.


It won’t be an exaggeration to call, ragi being the staple diet of South India. Ragi being the powerhouse of good carbohydrates, helps you to stay full throughout the day. Though its bland taste won’t entertain much, but the health benefits covers it all. Due to its numerous nutritional benefits, ragi can be put to the pinnacle of food grains. It’s rich fibre helps in weight loss and diabetes.

Ragi Dosa or ragi bread, is a power pack nutrient supplier. The cereal is gluten free, and is all encompassing. Which means it takes on the flavor of the food. Ragi also lowers the blood sugar level, activating the insulin. Ragi dosa is simple to make, just like the normal dosa. Maybe, you won’t like it on the first go, but remember, it’s healthy!
If you’re determined enough to eat only healthy food, put down those extra kilos, you need to give up those foods which excites you. Yes, no Pizza, no extra loaded cheesy fries, no cokes’ nothing.

Following a healthy lifestyle with exercise in tandem. We can use the time at home to reconnect with ourselves and enjoy making the most of what we have. Oh, and just to get this out of the way: Being on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean to skip meals, being harsh on your body and anything else which doesn’t makes you happy.
A recipe needs to be delicious and doable. Presented some Indian recipes with a healthy twist from curries to beverages. Comment down what you would love to have, and what you’re going to try in your kitchen?


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