Indian Food Recipes: 4 recipes to make you drool!

Indian menu is an amalgamation of wide net of spices, pulses, seasonings, and cereals, incorporating a whole palette of flavors. Sweet, sour, spicy, tangy all at once!

       “Spice a dish with love and it pleases every palate.”

With all the sumptuous cuisines, intricate ingredients and tongue licking flavors, Indian cuisine is the preeminent among all. Hence, it is a daunting task to present you the best.
Listed below are some famous Indian recipes. If you haven’t tried making it, recipe is here and thank me later! Either way if your favorite dish is not in the list, be kind enough not to curse the writer.

1. Chole bhature
A gratifying dish which stems out from the kitchens of North Indian houses. This quintessential dish acts as a day-to-day breakfast for most of the Punjabi families. Warning you, the recipe for chole bhature is bit lengthy, but trust me you’ll have that genuine #foodporn moment once you have the sizable amount of chole bhature bite!


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Up for something naughty, teasingly spicy?
Have a bite of Chole Bhature !


2 cup chickpeas

2 tsp oil

1 bay leaf & cinnamon stick

3-4 cloves

1 tsp ginger garlic chopped

1 tsp whole pepper corns

3 green/black cardamom

1 tsp turmeric, chili, coriander and cumin powder

1 tsp cumin seeds

½ tsp asafoetida

1 cup onion and tomato finely chopped

1 tsp ajwain, lime juice and green chili (chopped)

Butter and salt accordingly

1 tea bag


2 cup refined flour
½ cup whole wheat flour
½ tsp yeast (dissolve for 10 min in Luke warm water)
A pinch of salt
Water (to knead)
Oil (for frying)


  • Take a pan and add oil, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, cloves, pepper corns and cardamoms. As soon as it gets brown, add chopped onions and sauté it for a while. Also, add ginger and garlic to it. Followed by asafoetida, salt, turmeric, chili, coriander, and cumin powder, fry the ingredients together. And then add a bit of water.
  • Next, add chole which has been soaked overnight, and pressure cooked, to the masala. Then add tomatoes and salt.
  • Finally, put ajwain, chopped green chilies and water to make the gravy. To get that luscious red color add a tea bag into the gravy and let it simmer for an hour.
  • Pour some lime juice and top it with a dollop of butter. Also, garnish it with coriander leaves.
  • For making bhaturas, knead the dough with the ingredients mentioned. Sprinkle the yeast water and keep it aside for 3hours and let it rise.
  • Now, divide it into equal proportions, and roll it similar to chapattis. Finally, deep fry them and serve it with chole!
    Voilà! Your chole bhature is ready.

2. Idli
When we speak of South Indian food, the humble Idli is to be mentioned . But let me tell you a fun fact! Our very own Idli does not originally belong to India, it’s a gift from Indonesia late back in 800-1200 CE.
Despite, it is one of the most popular preparations in India and has got variants like thatte idli, mini idlis, Goan idlis and many more.

According to the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), ‘Space Idlis’ , has been developed that can be packed for astronauts going to space.

Well, for making Idlis the ratio is 4:1. Where 4 parts of uncooked rice with 1 whole part of white lentil is soaked overnight. And then grounded. Once it’s done the batter is left to ferment overnight to double its volume. The finished idli batter is poured into the greased molds of Idli tray for steaming. And finally you get those spongy Idlis to have with sambhar and chutney.

3. Vada pav

Vada pav, a recent invention, 1971, in the foodie cosmos of Mumbai. People say it’s the brainchild of Ashok Vaidya, a street food hawker who made it popular all over India. It was cheap, easy to make and convenient to eat, which boosted its popularity.
So here’s a quick sneak peek recipe to have the Indian Burger, Vada pav.
Vada Pav is a lifeline of people living in Mumbai.


Batata Vada
Green chutney
Sweet tamarind chutney
Dry Garlic chutney


For making the batata Vada, you need to mash boiled potatoes . Then add a tempering of oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida. Also add crushed garlic, and green chillies with a bit of turmeric powder into the oil. Now, pour this tempering in the mashed potatoes’ mixture with some chopped coriander leaves and salt. Mix everything up and make small balls. Lastly, deep fry them by coating it to a batter of gram flour and water.
Since your vadas are ready all you need to do is assemble them all. Slit the pav, spread the chutneys and place the Vada sandwiched between the bread slices.

4. Sondesh

A single piece of Sondesh can contain 150-200 calories. Not much, right? Cravings matter!

West Bengal, known for its sweets. If you say Rasogolla is the queen of sweets, don’t forget Sondesh being the king. Since, Sondesh made its debut much before the famous Bengali Rasogolla. You can trace its history long back in the 16th century in the Medieval Bengali literature.

Sondesh is commonly prepared with cottage cheese tossed with sugar in a low flame. Later, this sweetened cottage cheese is shaped into balls also known as kanchagola. This is a no sweat recipe of Sondesh.


Try these out, and enjoy the most pleasurable experience. If you ever put any of these in your mouth you would know what I’m talking about!

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