How to sell a house on your own

“It is sold by the owner,” signs say that have surely caught your attention if you are thinking of selling your home without using real estate agents. If that is your decision, consider the following.

Guide to sell your house

    1. Determine when you will sell your home — Plan where you will live after the sale. Prepare in time, as if you were going to get the sale quickly so that you avoid the stress of having to move in a hurry.
    2. Know the value of your property —Don’t get carried away by rumors or feelings. Your house is not worth what the neighbor tells you or what you believe, it has a real value determined by the conditions in the market. If in doubt, the best option is to request an appraisal. That valuation will make you put a fair price on your home which could make the house sell faster.
    3. Establish an action plan for the sale — Take into account the following:
      • Type of promotion you will do.
      • Evaluate how much the ads cost and where to place them — If printed newspapers work well in your place of residence, consider placing classified ads. Usually, property sales are not very expensive and it is easy to hire, just by sending the information you want to publish.
        Internet ads are fashionable and are also cheap, but it limits the sales efforts to the public that you want to arrive. Focus on the ones that are most popular in property sales.
      • Prepare signs if they are allowed in your community — in department stores, you will find some almost ready, to which you only need to put your information. You should know that when you put them you will have calls at almost every hour and that you should be aware of your security when showing it.
      • Let your neighbors or friends know that you are going to sell — Word of mouth promotion costs nothing and is sometimes very effective. If you have neighbors happy with the community they would like to know that there are properties available to notify their acquaintances.
    1. Prepare your house for sale
      • Some vendors hire a staging expert to make their house look as attractive as possible, but if you don’t want to invest in it, make an action plan. The basic rule is to clean perfectly, repair or eliminate damaged things and accommodate the furniture allowing the real space that the house has to be seen, and the possibilities that the new owners will have to settle there.
      • Prepare it as neutral as possible, without religious or political allusions, and if possible start saving personal items that only appeal to that is your home, without giving way to others imagining it, that is inside, but not You neglect the outside. Make sure the patio is clean and the exterior walls (and interiors) are painted and clean.
      • Do a home inspection or inspection. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Buyers will ask you. Check what is damaged and you can repair (sometimes investing a little gives you great benefits) and recognize what does not work or needs fixes and you are not willing to change. Some of those things could be part of the negotiation of the sale at will or because it is a requirement of the type of loan that the buyer will make.
  1. Organize the documentation for the sale
  • If you have a mortgage, make sure with your bank about the debt and that you have no penalty for selling it.
  • Know about the liens you have. To transfer the title you must be free of these.
  • Analyze property taxes and insurance. They will ask you how many they are and the types of compulsory insurance that the house needs.
  • Once there is a contract, follow up the process to ensure that the closure is achieved.

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