Friends arrives at cosmetics and already has his own palette of shadows and his brush set

We love the palette tones, but we like their names even more. Almost as much as the black cylindrical case for brushes.

Thanks to Jennifer Aniston, we discovered the lipstick that Rachel, her character in “ Friends”, carried for 10 seasons. And since the fever for this 90s comedy has no end, 25 years after its premiere, fashion firms continue to honor the series with their designs.

The American company Hot Topic has taken another step in bringing the series to our daily lives and has put on sale a palette of eye shadows and a set of brushes inspired by the series. And, as good fans of the series, we have pointed everything in our letter to the Magi.

The case with the logo of the series in black color has a bluish background inside with more references to production. The upper part is occupied by a narrow mirror in which Joey’s well-known phrase “How are you doing?” Appears, which in Spain was translated as “how are you?” The first of the many references that we will find in the case.

For $ 16.90 this palette includes 12 different colors, and their names refer to some of their best moments or characters. Regina Phalange, Phoebe’s alter ego names the eggplant color, while Mrs. Chanandler Bong embodies bright red. The mythical and inexhaustible “we were giving ourselves a break” that Rachel and Ross shouted were named after the bright purple while the bright blue is for “how are you?” Joey. The palette has matte and glossy formulas and begins and ends with the most basic colors, black and white.

To create a makeup look a good set of brushes is essential and Hot Topic has also thought about it. For $ 24.90, the company offers its customers four brushes in a cylindrical case with the most iconic images of the series, the Central Perk logo and its title, which we have seen so many times lately on t-shirts and sweaters.

Made of red bristles finished in black, the selection of brushes has two intended for eye shadows, but also two thicker for powders and highlighters. Four brushes, each with its reference to the series, which still look more spectacular in the cylindrical container case in which they are sold.

The favorite beauty massage of the famous ones that will help you have the perfect cheekbones

It is more than likely that on more than one occasion you have stopped to examine the face of a celebrity while you wonder if those cheekbones are so perfect are the fruit of a visit to the operating room. We have good news and something less pleasant, but without a doubt, we would not call it bad. The good news? The cheekbones of many celebs are the result of a special message in which no punctures or infiltrations are involved. The bad news? As expected, the price is not low. But let’s not do spoilers.

The favorite treatment of Kate Moss and Meghan Markle is called Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial, it costs about € 380 and its creator is Nichola Joss. Among the fans of this procedure are actresses such as Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and we already know that when the lifestyle guru relies on a specific beauty procedure, however rare it may be, we must pay attention to it. Seeing some of the videos that its creator uploads on Instagram, those who fear visits to the dentist may feel a chill during the first few seconds to see how the fingers of the esthetician are introduced inside the mouth of their clients.

“This treatment is carried out by exploring the texture and condition of your skin and taking into account the muscle sagging that is present through a deep lymphatic massage and contouring techniques that Nichola has created to raise the silhouette of the face and provide Thus a radiant finish. This treatment has a massage that is done inside the mouth to de-stress the muscle tissue and improve the tone and firmness of the facial muscles, thus achieving to bring youth and vitality to the face. The treatment will be designed according to a cocktail of products selected specifically for your skin and its needs, ”explains the website on which this prestigious treatment is offered.

Meghan Markle assured the magazine ‘People’ that this peculiar massage, which is performed with surgical gloves and that his followers say is not the most pleasant experience on the planet, has been responsible for “sculpting and redefining his jaw”. “It hurts a lot, but it changes your face silhouette for a while. It’s like contouring from the inside, ”explains Eva Chen, another of her fans, in the podcast of ‘The Cut’.

How does it work?

There is a facial massage called Buccal that has a holistic perspective and helps eliminate jaw strain. When performed with two hands inside the mouth, it causes very symmetrical movements, but since the face is never an example of perfect symmetry, Nichola developed his method in which each side of the face is massaged independently, thus adapting to the particularities of each side. The massage begins with movements aimed at mitigating the inflammation around the eyes and eliminating toxins. They accumulate on the skin. After massaging the face on the outside (in the social networks of Nichola we can find several videos with which to learn some movements to perform at home), Nichola continues to introduce the fingers inside the mouth until massaging the Bichat bags and cheeks.

“Stress the muscles, eliminate tension, tightness, fluid retention and swelling. Sculpt the face. Improves facial contour, muscle health, strength, and youth. Add vitality and shine to the face. It works the circulation to help rejuvenate and restore the cells. By eliminating tension in the facial muscles, emotional tension, fatigue, and energy blockages are also eliminated, ”explains Nichola Joss in his social networks.

Is it practiced in Spain?

Nichola organizes pop-ups before important events so that its VIP clientele can use its services. Before the Oscars and the MET gala, their massages are the most acclaimed by those celebrities who want a radiant face without going through the operating room.

Although their services have not yet arrived in Spain, in Tacha Beauty the Facial Remodelage treatment, by Martine de Richelle, has an innovative anti-aging approach whose effectiveness is in the power of massage. With it, the face is revitalized, oxygenated and toned, and although of course, the technique is different, the treatment also ends inside the mouth and its results are visible from the first session. The price of the Remodeling MDR facial treatment is € 120.

The massage is done by exerting pressure on the muscles hardened by stress or habit until they relax until they recover their natural position. It is done with the pressure of the hands and fingers. The session costs € 65.

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